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Randleman Drug
drive through window

Customers benefit from Randleman Drug's "drive through" window service where they drive up to the window and do no have to enter the store.  You may have your prescription phoned in at 336-495-5100 about 30 minutes prior to pick-up or you may drive through, drop off you prescription and return 30 minutes later and pick up your medicine.  Varying circumstances may prompt you to use our drive through service:

  • individuals who have mobility problems, rendering them incapable of easy movement or getting in and out of a vehicle.

  • parents with sick children in the car who are more comfortable remaining in the car and not being brought into the store.

  • people who are under time constraints and prefer to drive through to save time.

  • drivers who are ill and unable to walk in and wait, preferring to quickly obtain their meds

Follow the signs and arrows to our drive through window as you approach the store.  Please allow 30 minutes after we receive your prescription before you drive in to pick up your medicine.

ph:  (336) 495-5100
fax: (336) 495-5300

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  • hormone replacement
  • specialty drugs
  • pet prescriptions
  • topical creams



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  • pets love it
  • turn bitter into sweet


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